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Little known to many of our clients, our story really began in 2003, when a young Queena Lee stepped foot into a bustling classroom full of children speaking an unfamiliar language & writing funny shapes and letters. As a young first generation immigrant to the UK, Queena experienced the first hand struggle of not being able to speak, read or write the native language whilst constantly trying to keep up with the British education system. 

With the support of a few uplifting mentors (some of whom help to write our course material to this day!), Queena beat the odds. After multiple scholarship awards and accolades & 11A*s at GCSE, Queena won a full academic scholarship to the top independent sixth form in the UK and subsequently featured on BBC's 'Britain's Brainiest School'. Here she excelled not only academically but devoted herself to humanitarian work, speech & debate as well as music. It was in 2015 when her work in aiding a local charity to create a network connecting tutors to disadvantaged children won her national recognition, including an award deeming her a 'Point of Light' from Prime Minister Theresa May and an award recognising her work as a role model for ethnic minorities. This further fuelled her passion for teaching and fighting barriers to provide equal educational opportunity. She continued to excel and grow in confidence, winning multiple national debate and public speaking competitions whilst being invited to speak across the country as well as attaining recognition and acclaim for her musical endeavours. 

An uplifting essay, top A-Level results & another scholarship from Archbishop Desmond Tutu led Queena to London, to read her passion of Dental Surgery at King's College London in 2017. Here, her loyal client base of students followed her on and new students joined in abundance.  With an overwhelming response to her story & exceptional tuition methods, Queena founded Queens Tutors in 2019 to set a new benchmark for the provision of exceptional bespoke tuition.

With her elite educational background, talented colleagues both old and new flocked to join the team. Led by Queen's unbreakable drive and united with the vision of providing the best service possible, Queens Tutors represents the embodiment of the best young tutors in London and beyond with the combined goal of guiding students toward academic excellence whilst nurturing their innate curiosity & critical thinking skills.

We've never forgotten where we started nor what we want to achieve, we believe each and every student deserves the very best and we know from first hand experience how far hard work & passion can take you.

To start your journey with us today, fill in a contact form & we will be in touch to schedule your complimentary bespoke consultation with one of our educational consultants at a time that suits you.

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