• Queena Lee

Continuity During Covid-19

The importance of continuity in tuition is often second guessed. Routine plays a massive part in many children's lives, trying to maintain a routine in times like these has never been more paramount. A good routine powered by small achievable goals fuels motivation and allows students to see an end goal where the end may not be quite as clear at the moment. With examinations being cancelled across the country, never has it been more important to realign our goals, whether it be educational or personal. Students that had been working towards summer examinations have suddenly had their end goal snatched away. As frustrating as this can be, the winners from this situation will be those that grasp and take full advantage of the time and resources available to them. Consider taking the time to reflect on your personal goals on a piece of paper. Ask yourself 'what individual steps could I take to achieve this goal?' and 'how might I feel when this goal is achieved?'. Something as small as reading for 30 minutes every day could form the foundations of your new routine and allow you to learn new skills that give you a real confidence boost! Arm yourself with the power to create change, to constantly learn and to grow amongst difficult times. Exam cancellations and school closures should not be seen as a 'get out of jail free card' by any means, rather an invitation to continue learning in our homes and push the boundaries of our resolve. Learning never truly stops, and neither should we.

We urge all of our students and their families to take care and stay safe during this time. As we navigate through this turbulent time together, Queens Tutors is waiving our new client registration fee and continuing to offer our complimentary new client bespoke consultations as standard. We are offering families tailored homeschooling plans as well as providing head-start classes and top-ups for misunderstood concepts. Never has it been more important to come together and grow together.

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