Rahul Chadha

Rahul Chadha

French, Latin & Spanish Specialist

French, Latin, Spanish, English Language, English Literature, ESL, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics

Subjects Offered:

About Me:

Rahul is an enthusiastic, passionate and friendly tutor. He is an excellent addition to the Queens Tutors portfolio and has been known for his engaging lessons and impressive rapport with his students. He offers tuition in the Maths and Sciences (Chemistry, Biology, Physics) at GCSE level, although his main specialism is in languages. At current, he specialises in French and Latin at (i)GCSE, A level and Undergraduate levels, as well as Spanish at GCSE and A level. Further to this, he teaches English as a Second Language (ESL) internationally including successful international tutoring jobs in Spain and Kyiv (Ukraine) to non-English speaking students at 11+ level, alongside Verbal and Non-Verbal reasoning.

Through volunteering as a classroom assistant during his school holidays at his mother’s primary school from fifteen years of age, Rahul has a friendly, relaxed and patient outlook on teaching children from a young age and supporting them in achieving their full academic potential, making learning exciting and engaging!

In conjunction with private tutoring, he is currently in his third year at University College London (UCL) reading French and Latin, the two languages he enjoys studying and teaching the most!

In July 2017, Rahul worked as a sales assistant in Rouen (France), marking his first ‘international’ job, where his French fluency drastically improved.
As a result, Rahul encourages his students to travel as much as possible to the countries of the languages they study in order a) to practise speaking the language as much as possible and b) to involve themselves in as much culture as possible.

Culture and language go hand in hand; the study of language acts as a portal through which one can learn about the culture and society of another country.

Approach to Tutoring:

Rahul works efficiently and seeks to target two things: his student’s confidence and academic goals. He understands that a good tutor- student relationship is vital, and takes time to understand each student’s background first, focusing after on their academic expectations and goals.
Ultimately, Rahul’s aim is to develop the confidence of his students, and he does this by targeting topics and subjects directly that his students find tricky. A lot of work is done using Rahul’s own resources, past papers from the boards the student is studying for and the student’s homework from school.

For each session, Rahul prepares a lesson plan in advance based on a topic the student finds difficult. During the session, he works through concepts and ideas together with the student, practises exam style questions on these concepts so the student has an idea as to the academic expectation of their exam boards, and then finally guides the student through the homework set by their school, should they need any.

Rahul’s work is therefore multi-faceted: 1) he helps the student to understand the basic concepts of a topic, 2) he reinforces this understanding with worked exam-style questions, and 3) he goes through homework set by the student’s teachers with the student so that they are confident that they understand what they are being taught at school.

For languages, Rahul supplements this work with mini-style vocabulary and verb, as well as mini-oral conversation sessions, and mini end-of-topic tests for sciences and maths. Marks are nearly never taken into ‘consideration’ as they would be at school; rather, they function as a means of showing the student their own progress, so that they can self-evaluate their own learning and continue to decide if they would like more time to focus on certain aspects of their learning. All of this work in the tuition sessions has one goal: to build confidence in learning inside the classroom at school, but also in themselves, as they are given the steering wheel to control their own learning.

Rahul understands that students may feel the need to be ‘hardworking’ in order to improve in their studies, but the way in which he tutors is far from being ‘hard work’. Learning is a steady process that requires efficient, and regular work with clear direction and planning. Rahul, therefore, also seeks to invoke good organisational skills and a good work ethic into his students. These are skills for life, so why not learn them now?

Hobbies & Interests:

At weekends, Rahul enjoys reading for pleasure, socialising with his friends, and cooking for his family. In addition, he enjoys watching foreign language films and travelling, and recently has decided to learn British Sign Language!


Rahul has been a great tutor for my son who is about to enter his final year of GCSE. He is reliable, patient and dedicated to getting the best out of his students. My son has made good progress thanks to Rahul. I would definitely

and highly recommend him.

- Reena P, Parent

As a tutor, Rahul is both helpful and enthusiastic, and has been tutoring me in French for nearly a year now, helping me to get excellent grades in my summer end-of-year exams. Lessons are always carefully structured, and he clearly puts a lot of time and effort into this. For example, most lessons start with 20 minutes of verb conjugations into different tenses because this is one of my weakest areas. We have also completed a lot of reading practice papers together which has boosted my confidence in reading exams and exam technique, which Rahul has guided me through. Overall, I think Rahul is a great tutor.

- Arjun M, Student.