Toby Peres

Toby Peres

Mathematics Specialist

Maths (Further Maths, A Level, GCSE, STEP, KS2, KS3)

Subjects Offered:

About Me:

Toby is a motivating and friendly Mathematics tutor with a systematic approach to all of his teaching. He graduated with an Msc in Mathematics with First Class Honours from the University of St Andrews and has been keen to develop and share his passion for Maths with his students.

Approach to Tutoring:

Toby has built his popularity as a tutor through the understanding that each student has different needs and teaching techniques. He is therefore quick to adapt to each student, tailoring the lesson content as well as the approach to teaching to suit their individual learning style.

Toby uses a proven technique of preparing lots of example questions to be used as a vehicle to teach the concepts, while slowly adding in similar questions to embed further knowledge. This is supplemented with encouragement and prompting to allow the student to develop independence in thought.

Hobbies & Interests:

In his spare time, Toby is an avid reader of multiple genres. However, his favourite maths-related book is Abbott's Flatland!

Toby has also been getting into the world of cycling and exploring the great outdoors.


“Toby has been brilliant with my daughter. He has really explained things well in subject areas where she struggled to understand, and he has discussed her learning needs with her in order to plan sessions which will benefit her the most in the long run. Highly recommended.” 

- Past Student, Parent

“Toby is an amazing teacher. He was very patient with me and broke down questions in a way that was easily understood.” 

- Past Student